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Post Secondary Support

Mapleton Early College (MEC) Post Secondary Support

The college-going culture is present at all of Mapleton's high schools and is supported in part by the work of Mapleton's Post Secondary Option Coaches. Post Secondary Option Coaches work with students from the first day of their freshman year to the day they receive their diploma, providing the tools students need to apply to the colleges and universities of their choice and access to the scholarships and resources needed to get there.


A total of 22 credits, 40 hours of volunteering, a sophomore project, financial literacy, and a capstone project are required for graduation. A credit is defined as the amount of credit given for the successful completion of a course. Students must complete specific credits in twelve prescribed categories to meet Mapleton Public Schools graduation requirements. Successful completion means that the student obtained a passing grade for the course, which is the equivalent of a “C-” or better.

Subject Area                                                                  Credits Required                                                                                  

English                                                                                      4       credits                                                                                          

Mathematics                                                                            3       credits                                                         

*all credits must be in Algebra 1 (9th grade) or higher                                              

Science                                                                                      4      credits                                                         

*at least 2 credits must be lab-based 

Social Studies                                                                           3       credits                                                         

*social studies credit must include: 0.50 Civics/Government and at least 1.0 full credit in U.S. History or World History 

Foreign Language                                                                   1       credit 

*1.0 credit must be in the same language

Physical Education                                                                  1       credit 

*0.50 credit must be in Health and 0.50 must be in PE

Art                                                                                              0.50   credit

Technology                                                                               0.50   credit

Senior Capstone                                                                       0.50    credit

A capstone is the culminating exhibition of a student’s project or experience that demonstrates academic and intellectual learning.

Academic Electives                                                                  5.5     credits

The remaining credits may be earned in any academic area listed, or AFJROTC, foreign languages, computer science, art, music, or drama. Also acceptable are college credits earned based on concurrent enrollment programs or International Baccalaureate courses   

College and Career Readiness Demonstration - Starting with the class of 2021

AP - Advanced Placement

AP exams test students’ ability to perform at a college level. Scores range from 1 to 5 (highest).

*Math - score of 2 or higher

ASVAB - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery 

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a comprehensive test that helps determine students’ eligibility and suitability for careers in the military. Students who score at least 31 on the AFQT are eligible for service (along with other standards that include physical condition and personal conduct). Students who take the ASVAB are not required to enlist in the military

*Reading, Writing, Communicating, and Mathematics - 31 on the AFQT

Concurrent Enrollment 

Concurrent enrollment provides students the opportunity to enroll in postsecondary courses, simultaneously earning high school and college credit

*Reading, Writing and Communicating - Passing grade per district and higher education policy

*Mathematics - Passing grade per district and higher education policy


ACT is a national college admissions exam. It measures four subjects – English, reading, math and science. The highest possible score for each subject is 36

*English - score of 18 or higher 

*Math - score of 19 or higher


The SAT is a college entrance exam. The SAT includes sections on reading, writing and math. The highest possible score for each section is 800.

*English - score of 470 or higher 

*Math - score of 500 or higher 

Xiomara Ortiz
Post Secondary Options Coach