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Restorative Practice

Restorative Practice

Restorative Practice (RP) is a proven framework for building a strong and positive school community in which every student and adult is respected and given the opportunity to fulfill his or her greatest potential.

At MEC Prep, you will see RP at work at every level, from the way adults interact with students to the way discipline issues are handled. But perhaps the strongest evidence is the respectful, empathetic way students interact with each other.

In addition to building our school culture through RP, we also use a restorative approach to discipline issues. This may look very different from what you’re used to:

Retributive Justice                                         Restorative Practice

1. What is the law that was broken?                1. What is the harm that was done?

2. Who broke that law?                                    2. How can we repair that harm?

3. How should they be punished?                    3. Who is responsible for repairing that harm?

Restorative Practice works because it gives offenders the chance to change and gives victims the respect and power of being part of ‘making things right.’

We will always approach discipline issues from a restorative perspective, whether that’s through a simple discussion or a complete Restorative Practice Circle process. However, in some cases, traditional justice will be necessary or just plain required by law. Those instances will result in traditional consequences (like suspension).

Student involvement is the key to Restorative Practice. One way students can take a leadership role at MEC Prep is by serving on the Restorative Practice Council.