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In the words of our students: “We’re like a family.” This is perhaps most true in Advisory.  Advisory is like a homeroom, but it’s also so much more than that. Students stay with the same Advisor for two years (moving to a new Advisory at the start of junior year). This group becomes a student’s academic family, in which Advisors know each student incredibly well and the students grow to know and support each other in ways that surprise even them. Advisory peers challenge and help one another to reach each student’s greatest potential.


MEC Prep teachers are called Advisors. In addition to teaching in their subject areas, Advisors help develop and support each student’s Learning Plan and act as direct links to families and internship mentors. Advisors conduct advisory meetings and connection circles, work individually with students, help set up and oversee student internships, facilitate Learning Plan Meetings, and provide guidance through student exhibitions. Advisors are parents/guardians’ primary contact for questions, concerns, comments, ideas, and anything else regarding their students’ overall success.  Advisors will have 1-on-1 meetings with students approximately every two weeks to help with goal setting and support.  Families can expect to hear from their student’s advisor by phone or email at least once per month.

Individual Learning Plans

Working with parents and professional mentors, advisors guide students in the creation of Individual Learning Plans. Individual Learning Plans include students’ visions, values, goals, and projects. Each project is designed around each student’s interests and passions and structured to assure rigorous achievement of all high school standards.  Students research and pursue career interests through internships and completing academic projects held to both professional and state high school standards.

Learning Plan Meetings

Instead of traditional parent-teacher conferences, MEC Prep students meet individually with their advisor and family twice per year to discuss the student’s progression in their Individual Learning Plan.